General questions

How does it work? is an extensive and independent price comparison website for contact lenses. We compare the prices of day- and night lenses, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as toric lenses and many more. Included in the price comparison are all major online opticians with thousands of products.Next to the price, we also show the availability of the product as well as the delivery costs. This way, you can choose the best offer for you.

If you would like to browse our selection, click on one of the main categories at the top of the page. No matter if you are looking for toric lenses, sports lenses, multifocal lenses or coloured lenses, we will find the best offer for you!

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What information do I need before I can order?

If you want to order corrective contact lenses, you need to know the required dioptric power for each of your eyes. These values are either displayed on your prescription or on the packing of your previously ordered contact lenses. The dioptric power usually lies between -12 and +5.0. Additionally, you need to know the base curve (sometimes also referred to as BC value). Typical values for a contact lens are from 8.0 to 10.0 mm. Finally, you also need to know the required diameter (DIA value).

How do I find the right contact lenses?

For general information on which contact lenses you need (e.g. corrective contact lenses, toric lenses, bi-focal lenses, etc.), we recommend to consult a qualified optician.

Please note, the services and contents offered on this website are exclusively for informational purposes and cannot replace the advice of a qualified optician.

Price comparison

Which shops are included in the price comparison?

For an up to date list of the shops included in the price comparison, please click here.

Which currency will be displayed for foreign suppliers?

The prices of foreign suppliers will also be displayed in your local currency. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and possible additional bank charges the price can only be an approximate value.

What does dispatch time mean?

Dispatch time is the time a shop requires to process and assemble your order and dispatch it from their warehouse. This does not include the time your order will take to arrive once it has been dispatched.

Do the delivery costs shown include deliveries to foreign countries?

No. Delivery costs shown only include deliveries within the country. For international delivery costs, please refer to the website of your chosen bookstore.